Monday, 28 September 2009


Flicking through the modern art books in Budapest's Museum of Contemporary Art led me (in a very infantile way, I'm sure) over to a beautiful glossy stack of magazines that looked RIGHT up my street.

The Room is a really lovely magazine which I was so pleased to have seen (i didn't buy as it was nearing the end of the trip and funds were LOW). It's such a great way to see what the fashion scene is like in another country, which, as a tourist, it's quite hard to gauge unless you really know the right places to hang out. I was also seriously impressed with the quality of the content. I'm sure it's very ignorant of me, but I think there's a general assumption that a lot of Eastern Europe is still very behind in lots of ways. i was so so happy to have this proved wrong by interviews with Frida Giannini and Rita Ackerman just in the issue I picked up. There were also some awesome illustrations by KovĂ cs Lehel, which I had to share with you.

It's this season's designs (although the issue was a bit old I think) on human bodies with animal heads. Something about the absurdity of the illustrations, together with the pastely colours and ink really struck a chord with me. It's such a simple and almost childlike way of displaying a quite "adult" (but decidedly trivial!) subject matter.

Friday, 25 September 2009


While I was away I missed loads of interesting stuff happening, like

Agyness changed her hair. I love it. I want a black bob now instead of red wavy long hair. (Yes, I'm pathetic, and yes, I should probably buy a variety of wigs instead of trying to capture every microtrend atop my head).

Mark Fast put !!!3!!! non-model sized girls on the catwalk and his stylist walked out. Now, granted, I've been away and only happened to chance upon this in the Guardian, so am no expert, but does anyone else think that, if the stylist hadn't walked out, no one would have noticed those girls weren't model-sized? They looked great, and the clothes looked amazing on them too. I applaud Fast's idea, but am not convinced the stylist walking out wasn't a publicity stunt - is anyone truly that biased against the size 12s and 14s amongst us??

New York, London and Milan. Yag. Don't know when I'll have the time to the whole bloody circuit. Nightmare. I wish there was an edited highlights before the glossies produce thiers in feb for lazy people like me who still feel they should stay on the pulse...

Amelle from the Sugababes (Rest In Obscurity Keisha) did a video with Tinchy Stryder where she has undercut one side of her hair and it suddenly became the "cool" (read: the least cool thing ever) haircut. Unknowing of this vital piece of news (again, EDITED HIGHLIGHTS WHERE ARE YOU), I cut into one side of my hair and now am about as edgy as a sugababe. and a third-time lucky one at that.

So if anyone else has been away for three weeks, i'd say you're pretty much up to date once you've read this.