Friday, 28 August 2009


Because I have a lot to do at the moment, a lot of things are going to get condensed into this post. I hope you're ready.

1. I'm really fascinated by the way the elderly dress. Quite often I find myself staring at an old lady's outfit on the bus and thinking "Could I wear that?". Of course, more often than not they are wearing really cool outfits without realizing how they would appear if they were 25, wearing headphones, and had a bit of an attitude about them. For example, this morning I saw an old woman walking down the Uxbridge Road wearing a pink baseball cap, blue jacket, purple peg leg trousers and yellow plimsolls. All in the most perfect pastel shades. I wish I could have taken a photo, but the fact remains that, in Shoreditch, the other side of London, this probably would have been considered a great outfit for a stroll down Brick Lane. So... old ladies are my new style inspiration - I'll know I've gone too far when I'm tying scarves under my chin!

2. I cleared out my entire wardrobe yesterday, inspired by my lack of internet (bloody Belkin routers and Virgin Media, bane of my life, FACT), an old episode of Gok's Fashion Fix, and my sister's assurance that she would be doing the same. We had a great old time laughing at some of the ridiculous things we'd bought - WHY oh WHY did I think I would ever wear a pair of combat-style tweedy khaki trousers? With turquoise stones for buttons? This means, although I'm not quite living up to Gok's capsule "24 piece" wardrobe, I am totally ready for a new season of buys that will LAST. It's weird, although I'm quite liberal about what I'll let into my wardrobe and into my outfits, once I'm done with something I just despise it - I'm sure that's the way it is with everyone, right?

3. I am leaving for Florence on Monday (missing Carnival but what can you do?) and then travelling to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest (and maybe Bratislava if we get the chance). I am VERY excited about returning to Berlin, as it's my favourite city in the whole world and I did NOT get enough time to do all the vintage shopping I wanted when I was there before. It was also the city that prompted my very first post on this blog! (proud moment for me because I never keep things going this long) So, i'm preparing for some Euro-style with
Stil in Berlin

//Photo from Stil in Berlin//

Made on Street (Prague)

//Photo from Made on Street//

To Vie (Vienna)

//Photo from To Vie//

So I know Berlin is incredible for Flea markets and vintage shops, and apparently Vienna has great charity with everything for about 20p, but what about Budapest and Prague? Anyone got any top tips? What about Florence? I'm hoping for some full on glossy Italian style, but it'll probably just be touristville...
But anyway there's my excuse for not posting for a few weeks, not that I'm even post-happy enough for anyone to miss it I suppose!

Monday, 17 August 2009



I loved Beachy Head for theatre, an amazingly slick and well thought out play about...suicide. But amazing.
Also Cocorico for comedy, with some of the best physical comedy I've ever seen. It's so enjoyable to laugh at things that are so silly. I learnt a new word, panglossian, that i think fits this well.

Also in Edinburgh is the only UK stockist of Ben Simon shoes (at Bohemia). My mum is obsessed with these shoes. They are so comfortable, she has also infected me and my sister with the obsession. I am not joking, between the three of us we have pretty much the whole range across two sizes. And they're really hard to get hold of.
I bought these:

And took a great photo of my man:

Very sad to be down south again, if only I could spend my whole life watching plays...