Thursday, 30 July 2009


I'm not a big ice cream fan, even in the summer. It's great when you're in Italy and there's a million flavours to choose from and you know you're getting something really good, or, on the other hand, when it's that cheapy yellow vanilla from the supermarket or choc-ices which always remind me of school dinners.

But, ahem, apart from that... I'm not into ice-cream. Apart from, as I have now discovered, on jewellery. Check out these amazing pendants from Q-Pot, available at the V&A Shop (and online here), where i first spied them. Sadly they're made of rubber, and aren't designed for a little nibble when you're peckish on the tube.

Macaroons are one of those things that everyone comes back from Paris in love with. Though I think I mainly just love all the pretty pastel colours in rows.

Also there's an awesome chandelier/sculpture in the main entrance of the V&A by Dale Chihuly.

Sadly, I was at the V&A to have coffee with my visiting grandparents, and so didn't make it to the new design exhibition, Telling Tales, which looked tantalisingly interesting from a distance. I shall be back, and might HAVE to get a little sweet treat while I'm there...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Ffion and Lola, originally uploaded by josietj.

People really do go all out for festivals. I had the most amazing time at Secret Garden Party this weekend, where NOT dressing up as a monkey/leopard/ninja/roman soldier/circus clown is likely to get you odd looks as you wander around the fantastical landscape.
If you've never been, here's a tip: GO! Next year is sure to be even bigger - maybe not better, since I enjoy a nice cozy atmosphere at my festivals - but fantastic nonetheless.
I'll see you there.

ps. for more outfit photos, check out the flickr page from it right here

Monday, 6 July 2009


Among the slew of blog posts about the ASOS 100 Ltd (check it out here) I have only just noticed the occurence of Fannie Schiavoni, one of the lovely designers who took part in the Concept Show of Oxford Fashion Week. She actually came along to style her clothes for the show and watched it herself, so I did have a mild sense of pride when I saw the very same dress that walked down the catwalk we sweated over constructing is now in mass production! Unfortunately I think the universe agrees with me about the wearability and structural yummyness of Schiavoni's designs, as they appear to have gone off the! But here is the dress, styled for ASOS.