Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I am often struck by a very strange feeling when i come back to London after two months away at uni. For while I have been living 2 hours away from the capital in the completely alien environs of Oxford, the world of street style and what's COOL has totally moved on. Though I'm not one to follow every trend religiously, it is always nice to know what they are in the city you're living in, so you know you can accurately portray what you want with your outfit. I'm not one for all this "Style is timeless" stuff, I like my information at my fingertips so I know what I'm saying to the world around me. Especially as I still think of London as my city. (and I hope, though doubt, she still thinks of me as hers!)

So it is with heavy heart I start my mission to understand what London's been doing the last 2 months and how it's going to affect me, and more importantly my wardrobe this summer.

Tips, pointers, and pitying looks are welcome and, in the last case, only to be expected

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