Monday, 29 June 2009


Light denim is so cool right now I want to vomit.

I bought this from topshop and I want to wear it every day but unfortunately the wiring has come out of one of the cups. The boning generally is absolutely awful quality, since it bends when you sit down and won't bend back. BUT it's topshop and you love it so what can you do?

Here is some more vomit-worthy light denim.

Stud shirt, Miss Selfridge, £45

Button through Playsuit, Diesel (available on, £125

@ Coachella, from

Oh, Agy...

Sunday, 28 June 2009


As I don't appear to have sorted out the marathon of unpacking facing me, here is some good stuff I will be looking at when I am deciding what to keep, what to ebay and what to throw as far far away from myself.

From: The Sartorialist Love: Puffiness either side of a skinny belt. Great colour with the black and white too.

From: Facehunter Love: Much as I hate to play favourites with colours, this shade is just st-unning. With the pale skin and dark hair it's an alarmingly arresting look.

From: Facehunter Love: I WANT A BOWLER HAT! This one in a mustardy orange is gorgeous, and leaves me wishing streetstyle sites begged stockist information off their victims. Sweet short blazer too.

From: Facehunter Love: The hair and the leggings. I know leggings are all a bit old hat but my legs get so bored when they don't have exciting patterns to spruce them up. I also have a secret obsession with zebra print that is SO uncool. Her hair has some wicked stuff going on, I want to know what it normally looks like. Mine is in the evil stages of growing out and is unfit for the blogosphere currently (hopefully soon to change when i get a haircut - maybe a short bob? thoughts?)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I am often struck by a very strange feeling when i come back to London after two months away at uni. For while I have been living 2 hours away from the capital in the completely alien environs of Oxford, the world of street style and what's COOL has totally moved on. Though I'm not one to follow every trend religiously, it is always nice to know what they are in the city you're living in, so you know you can accurately portray what you want with your outfit. I'm not one for all this "Style is timeless" stuff, I like my information at my fingertips so I know what I'm saying to the world around me. Especially as I still think of London as my city. (and I hope, though doubt, she still thinks of me as hers!)

So it is with heavy heart I start my mission to understand what London's been doing the last 2 months and how it's going to affect me, and more importantly my wardrobe this summer.

Tips, pointers, and pitying looks are welcome and, in the last case, only to be expected

Monday, 8 June 2009


A quote from a two-week old episode of Britain's Next Top Model:

"If you were sitting in a restaurant and somebody took exception and said 'Please would you remove that hat, what would you say to them?"

Daisy (wearing a metre wide black spiky Louis Mariette creation): "Please remove yourself!"

Aside from L-O-V-ing Daisy so far this series (though my favourite has to be Jade purely for pulling off those glasses) I think this quote is so uplifting and fantastic. It's so easy to start to think you should feel bad for wearing something that doesn't fit in with the standard style of dress. I'm glad there are people standing in an admittedly ridiculous but utterly fabulous outfit saying "Yes, I'm wearing this and if you don't like it then you have to look at something you don't like". Refusing to change and kowtow to what's expected is so boring - let's have more Daisys as role models on TV who know that they can wear what they choose and not be made to feel bad because of it.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


So i'm growing my hair. Which is a blooming nightmare by the way and making me just want to have short hair for the rest of my life just to avoid this situation.

But if the crop is leaving my head, i reckoned it was time to get some more going on elsewhere...

Like this

I bought this one for a friend's birthday and am now regretting giving it away - I WANT IT! (buy it here)