Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So... I'm an idiot.

With all of the hecticness of Oxford Fashion Week I didn't manage a single post about any of the shows and was so fashioned-out by the whole thing that I ignored this blog like a thoughtless mother neglecting a crying, crying baby. OK, so maybe not quite like that.

But the point is: I AM BACK! Motivational statements are getting me everywhere in these post-OFW times. We must keep strong and concentrate on the past to enrich our impoverished future.

For a fantastically detailed overview of each of the shows, check out the Oxford Fashion Week Blog, which managed to be far more up to date than I could be. The concept show was also covered on the blog by Julia Fitzpatrick, the Cherwell (who seemed unable to decide if they loved or hated OFW) fashion co-editor. Hers is a truly unbiased opinion of the Concept Show which was my baby, and i am incredibly pleased that everyone enjoyed it so much.

Proper details and photos (!) to follow.

For now, my highlights:
+The sparkly bowlers my team procured from who knows where for their guestlist duties+
+The chef at Freud being inspired by the work of Grace Du Prez, claiming that it "looked like a garlic clove"+
+The appearance of my parents halfway through setup with a much-needed CAR to save my bacon+
+Watching the first models walk down the runway and realising that it had all turned out much, much better than I could ever have dreamed of+


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