Sunday, 24 May 2009


If you've got the same lazy Sunday feeling I've got after lying in the sun all day pretending to work and taking frequent trips to the freezer for more ice cream, your day can only get better by turning on the tv to find...


Bay Trading Company was one of those shops that I used to visit religiously when I was about 14, searching for the perfect off-the-shoulder gypsy top, to go with my trendily distressed jeans. (Oh god... I promise to NEVER mention this style phase EVER again)

It pretty much disappeared off my radar until last week when I decided to take a look around. Yep, I was avoiding work and hadn't been shopping for weeks. Anyway, I found myself pleasantly surprised because everything was I suppose I should have noticed the warning signs that I clearly want to dress like Bay Trading's target market - 14 year old girls - but decided to persevere.

Lucky thing that, because I've found myself the most perfect little playsuit. I know I'm copping out by going for black (it's SUMMER now. I keep reminding myself. Trust me, there are post it notes involved!) Adorable merry-go-round horses I thought, no? PLUS they give 15% student discount!

Unfortunately Bay has now gone into administration so all the cheapy topshop knockoffs will soon be dust. Maybe they'll do a zavvi-style closing down period?



When two of my team members (Hi 5 Raluca and Poppy!) turned up on the day of the fashion show with a load of huge, helium-filled, pastel shaded balloons, all a metre in diameter, my heart leapt because I knew they would look so amazing as a backdrop. So fun to play with, I think some lucky guests went off with them at the end of the night!

However, I'm afraid Ms. Allen has outdone me - I just happened to see the video for The Fear, and she has taken pastel balloons to the next level...

Saturday, 23 May 2009


The Concept Show in photos

Freud Cafe + our decorations

Model: Laura Jackson
Designer: Hass Idriss
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Rosie Piggott
Designer: Rachel Freire
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Olivia Mackintosh
Designer: Niamh O'Connor
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Designer: Piers Atkinson, Emma Bell
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Char Walker
Designer: Hermione O'Hea
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Rosie Piggott
Designer: Corina Vladescu
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Fiona Murray
Designer: Romina Karamanea, Piers Atkinson
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Chantal Hadley
Designer: Cecilia Mary Robson
Photographer: James Whayman

Two of my WONDERFUL team (Michaela and Philly) enjoying the party with a very dapper gent.

Raluca, Michaela and Philly taking on the guestlist.

Looking less harrassed than I felt in my Jonathan Saunders for Topshop dress (I have a size 10 one on sale on ebay here). It was a birthday present so I saved it for this purpose specifically. It's just not about stressing about what to wear on top of everything else...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So... I'm an idiot.

With all of the hecticness of Oxford Fashion Week I didn't manage a single post about any of the shows and was so fashioned-out by the whole thing that I ignored this blog like a thoughtless mother neglecting a crying, crying baby. OK, so maybe not quite like that.

But the point is: I AM BACK! Motivational statements are getting me everywhere in these post-OFW times. We must keep strong and concentrate on the past to enrich our impoverished future.

For a fantastically detailed overview of each of the shows, check out the Oxford Fashion Week Blog, which managed to be far more up to date than I could be. The concept show was also covered on the blog by Julia Fitzpatrick, the Cherwell (who seemed unable to decide if they loved or hated OFW) fashion co-editor. Hers is a truly unbiased opinion of the Concept Show which was my baby, and i am incredibly pleased that everyone enjoyed it so much.

Proper details and photos (!) to follow.

For now, my highlights:
+The sparkly bowlers my team procured from who knows where for their guestlist duties+
+The chef at Freud being inspired by the work of Grace Du Prez, claiming that it "looked like a garlic clove"+
+The appearance of my parents halfway through setup with a much-needed CAR to save my bacon+
+Watching the first models walk down the runway and realising that it had all turned out much, much better than I could ever have dreamed of+