Sunday, 15 March 2009


I'm certain it started with Victoria Beckham. Not only has the woman launched her own label, to aid the spread of her style across the multitudes of her acolytes, but now I've managed to convince myself in four short minutes that she is the reason I just got evilled in the street for no reason.

Let me explain.

Although I am not always dressed in the beautifully daring outfits of The Bubble, I do try to wear clothes that have a bit of pzazz. Normally in one outfit there's one or two things that are a bit 'off' - you can judge yourself from my colossally pictorial post recently. My desire for fun bits of 'off-ness' is certainly not a cry for attention, more of a decision on my part to have fun getting dressed and going shopping (when the student loan giveth...)

Anyway, because of this, I find it genuinely irritating when people, more specifically girls, seem to interpret my outfits as some kind of war signal, that implies I wish to be stared down in the street as if I'd personally offended them in some way. Don't get me wrong, I can accept my own culpability in this situation, i probably am not a very smiley person, but my ventures outside do normally consist of a trip to the library or perhaps a tutorial, neither of which are not known for their joy-inducing ability.

Yet, I can't help but attribute all this to the general attitude of girls and women to one another that is territorial and unnecessarily aggressive. I find the worst culprits are people who are dressed even remotely similarly or perceive that I am somehow 'part of their culture' (a notion i entirely despise). Apparently, my existence on the same street as them raises the quota of 'kooky' people and therefore distresses them. Quite often, if I am looking at someone's outfit I'm appreciating it, and receiving a moody stare in reply is rather depressing. Surely we should celebrate a like-mindedness in our choice of clothes and can begin with the simple act of raising the sides of out mouths. Frankly, I'd just like some more smiles in the world, and my outfits make me smile so I hope that they'd do the same for other people. For my part, I will make a pact to smile at anyone I think deserves it for their outfit (and try not to frown so much). Life's just too short not to appreciate the greatness of small gestures like smiles from strangers and *ooh* those shoes with that dress!

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