Thursday, 26 March 2009


So, as a follow up to a peek into my outfits a couple of weeks ago, this post you can just stare at my big ugly mug to see all the makeup stuff I've been trying recently. I don't know what it is about sunny weather but all it makes me want to do is shove a whole load of black eyeliner on to counteract the sun. Although if it really is sunny it gets covered up by sunglasses, so it's not really counteracting anything...

I digress.


This was for a night out at the Carling, nay, O2 Academy in Oxford. On a separate note, why with the changing names? That place has had a different name for every year I've been in Oxford, and none of them quite have the non-corporate ring of The Zodiac.
THE BEST EYELINER = Mac Gel Eyeliner pots. Lots of colours too, I'm always stealing my sister's black with gold glitter, yummy!

This was for the Oxford Fashion Week team party at the Corner Club. There were cocktails themed for each major fashion week, as well as, of course, Oxford itself. i mistakenly went for a Milan; I should've known that all that Italian sophistication was never going to be up my street.
THE BEST SHIMMERY POWDER = Mac Eye Pigment. I have it in Fuschia (seen here), Rose and Cornflower.

This was for that stupid night I went to where I realised I can't dance to garage. What a waste of some fiddly eyelining! Again, with the Mac gel eyeliner. Didn't realise this would turn into a mac advert... but there we go!

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