Friday, 27 March 2009



Kate Moross is one of those people who just makes you say it. I found out that she was the author of the wonderful White Heat flyers which always make me want to sit and pore over every detail of their gloriously multi-faceted design. They also made me incredibly jealous that my old job was giving out flyers for Soho chums PUSH, rather than White Heat. Push's flyers were fun and eye-catching, but when you've been staring at the same flyer for 4 hours on a shift, you need a lot of detail to keep you interested! I conclude Moross must have been thinking of people like me when designing.

However, this is only where her talents began - the more I look at her website, the more that I find she's involved with. Each one of these projects is something that I personally am interested in - I love her idea of pioneering the first art-driven record company, Isomorph, her adverts for Cadbury's Dairy Milk make me want to take a bath in the stuff, and the bands that she's designed merchandise for make my eardrums sing with delight. (e.g. La Roux, image below)

And now she's designed a collection of T-shirts for Topshop, quite frankly, there is nowhere left but skywards. Watch this space.

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