Saturday, 28 March 2009


I know I haven't been very forthcoming about the run up to Oxford Fashion Week, but be assured, all will be revealed when we release our contributors at our press party next Thursday. I think it'll be a really fun night but unfortunately I'm going to have to say a little something about the concept show which I am pretty nervous about. I will definitely be making use of the free bar beforehand to calm those nerves! Anyway, after that point I will be able to tell you all about all the designers we'll be showing, some of whom i'm REALLY excited to reveal.

At the moment we are on the last stretch of the contributor drive, and we're coming up against the strangest obstacle. Some of the designers we want to show seem to have no presence at all on the internet! I am so used to typing a phrase into a search engine and finding a home page, press, and all the information one could desire (as well as a whole lot i really never wanted to see!) When I type in a designer's name and one of the first links that comes up is their myspace or facebook, with no website or even profile, my heart sinks slightly. It is so hard to get through to designers anyway, when you're dealing with the myriad PR reps who surround them telling them not to take part in projects like Oxford Fashion Week, this extra difficulty makes it almost impossible to get hold of anyone who can decisively commit the designer to the show.

Among these are Laura Mackness, who wowed all the e.g. critics with her MA collection at the Central St Martins Show. Her work strikes me as interesting, witty and most of all, makes me smile! However, what is so great about this collection is that it never tries too hard - the colour combinations prevent that. Mackness has said the collection was inspired by hair dye, Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm' video, and Francois and Jean Robert. For me, it reminds me of a child's colouring in book based on a mixture of The Wizard of Oz and 40s ladies with big collars and gloves with everything.

I also wanted to have a look at her BA collection and just love this so much as a catwalk outfit.

The sunglasses are so absurdly nonchalant and the basic shapes that she continued with in her MA collection fit perfectly with the off-primary colours. This outfit also reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan tries to get back at the queen bee by snipping boob-holes in her vest top. The "circles-on-your-chest" look promptly becomes a hot trend all over the school. I hope Mackness's current collection gains a similar impetus in the fashion world!

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