Saturday, 28 March 2009


I know I haven't been very forthcoming about the run up to Oxford Fashion Week, but be assured, all will be revealed when we release our contributors at our press party next Thursday. I think it'll be a really fun night but unfortunately I'm going to have to say a little something about the concept show which I am pretty nervous about. I will definitely be making use of the free bar beforehand to calm those nerves! Anyway, after that point I will be able to tell you all about all the designers we'll be showing, some of whom i'm REALLY excited to reveal.

At the moment we are on the last stretch of the contributor drive, and we're coming up against the strangest obstacle. Some of the designers we want to show seem to have no presence at all on the internet! I am so used to typing a phrase into a search engine and finding a home page, press, and all the information one could desire (as well as a whole lot i really never wanted to see!) When I type in a designer's name and one of the first links that comes up is their myspace or facebook, with no website or even profile, my heart sinks slightly. It is so hard to get through to designers anyway, when you're dealing with the myriad PR reps who surround them telling them not to take part in projects like Oxford Fashion Week, this extra difficulty makes it almost impossible to get hold of anyone who can decisively commit the designer to the show.

Among these are Laura Mackness, who wowed all the e.g. critics with her MA collection at the Central St Martins Show. Her work strikes me as interesting, witty and most of all, makes me smile! However, what is so great about this collection is that it never tries too hard - the colour combinations prevent that. Mackness has said the collection was inspired by hair dye, Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm' video, and Francois and Jean Robert. For me, it reminds me of a child's colouring in book based on a mixture of The Wizard of Oz and 40s ladies with big collars and gloves with everything.

I also wanted to have a look at her BA collection and just love this so much as a catwalk outfit.

The sunglasses are so absurdly nonchalant and the basic shapes that she continued with in her MA collection fit perfectly with the off-primary colours. This outfit also reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan tries to get back at the queen bee by snipping boob-holes in her vest top. The "circles-on-your-chest" look promptly becomes a hot trend all over the school. I hope Mackness's current collection gains a similar impetus in the fashion world!

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Friday, 27 March 2009



Kate Moross is one of those people who just makes you say it. I found out that she was the author of the wonderful White Heat flyers which always make me want to sit and pore over every detail of their gloriously multi-faceted design. They also made me incredibly jealous that my old job was giving out flyers for Soho chums PUSH, rather than White Heat. Push's flyers were fun and eye-catching, but when you've been staring at the same flyer for 4 hours on a shift, you need a lot of detail to keep you interested! I conclude Moross must have been thinking of people like me when designing.

However, this is only where her talents began - the more I look at her website, the more that I find she's involved with. Each one of these projects is something that I personally am interested in - I love her idea of pioneering the first art-driven record company, Isomorph, her adverts for Cadbury's Dairy Milk make me want to take a bath in the stuff, and the bands that she's designed merchandise for make my eardrums sing with delight. (e.g. La Roux, image below)

And now she's designed a collection of T-shirts for Topshop, quite frankly, there is nowhere left but skywards. Watch this space.

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Thursday, 26 March 2009


So, as a follow up to a peek into my outfits a couple of weeks ago, this post you can just stare at my big ugly mug to see all the makeup stuff I've been trying recently. I don't know what it is about sunny weather but all it makes me want to do is shove a whole load of black eyeliner on to counteract the sun. Although if it really is sunny it gets covered up by sunglasses, so it's not really counteracting anything...

I digress.


This was for a night out at the Carling, nay, O2 Academy in Oxford. On a separate note, why with the changing names? That place has had a different name for every year I've been in Oxford, and none of them quite have the non-corporate ring of The Zodiac.
THE BEST EYELINER = Mac Gel Eyeliner pots. Lots of colours too, I'm always stealing my sister's black with gold glitter, yummy!

This was for the Oxford Fashion Week team party at the Corner Club. There were cocktails themed for each major fashion week, as well as, of course, Oxford itself. i mistakenly went for a Milan; I should've known that all that Italian sophistication was never going to be up my street.
THE BEST SHIMMERY POWDER = Mac Eye Pigment. I have it in Fuschia (seen here), Rose and Cornflower.

This was for that stupid night I went to where I realised I can't dance to garage. What a waste of some fiddly eyelining! Again, with the Mac gel eyeliner. Didn't realise this would turn into a mac advert... but there we go!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


A day where you intend to do so many things (laundry, replying to emails, starting the hideous mound of work that has been set before me by my tutors) inevitably leads you to procrastinate and do a load of other time-consuming things.

That is why i signed up for Twitter today (

That is also why I signed up for Technorati(mainly at the prompting of Liberty London Girl)

That is also also why i got Spotified, which is probably the best addition to my life since Orange Wednesdays.

What's next, chictopia, tumblr? I have no idea what all these things do, but I'm sure that I NEED them in my life. Watch the right hand bar for further addictions...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I dont't normally do posts on catwalk shows, mainly because i'm too busy to keep up with the plethora of shows as they come onto and it seems a bit rubbish to comment on designers' ideas months after everyone from the front row to the back has had their say.
However, I had to flag up these gorgeous head pieces at Louis Vuitton A/W 09.

They are very similar to the ones with netting a few years back that i fell in love with at the time, and in fact were the motivation for my ongoing obsession with the nets and the ilk.

Perhaps this is the beginning of an obsession with taffeta(?) at least of the bubblegummyyummy flavour as seen here.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


I'm certain it started with Victoria Beckham. Not only has the woman launched her own label, to aid the spread of her style across the multitudes of her acolytes, but now I've managed to convince myself in four short minutes that she is the reason I just got evilled in the street for no reason.

Let me explain.

Although I am not always dressed in the beautifully daring outfits of The Bubble, I do try to wear clothes that have a bit of pzazz. Normally in one outfit there's one or two things that are a bit 'off' - you can judge yourself from my colossally pictorial post recently. My desire for fun bits of 'off-ness' is certainly not a cry for attention, more of a decision on my part to have fun getting dressed and going shopping (when the student loan giveth...)

Anyway, because of this, I find it genuinely irritating when people, more specifically girls, seem to interpret my outfits as some kind of war signal, that implies I wish to be stared down in the street as if I'd personally offended them in some way. Don't get me wrong, I can accept my own culpability in this situation, i probably am not a very smiley person, but my ventures outside do normally consist of a trip to the library or perhaps a tutorial, neither of which are not known for their joy-inducing ability.

Yet, I can't help but attribute all this to the general attitude of girls and women to one another that is territorial and unnecessarily aggressive. I find the worst culprits are people who are dressed even remotely similarly or perceive that I am somehow 'part of their culture' (a notion i entirely despise). Apparently, my existence on the same street as them raises the quota of 'kooky' people and therefore distresses them. Quite often, if I am looking at someone's outfit I'm appreciating it, and receiving a moody stare in reply is rather depressing. Surely we should celebrate a like-mindedness in our choice of clothes and can begin with the simple act of raising the sides of out mouths. Frankly, I'd just like some more smiles in the world, and my outfits make me smile so I hope that they'd do the same for other people. For my part, I will make a pact to smile at anyone I think deserves it for their outfit (and try not to frown so much). Life's just too short not to appreciate the greatness of small gestures like smiles from strangers and *ooh* those shoes with that dress!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Oxford Fashion Week is hitting the news stands of the interweb, and it befits my role to inform you of its effects, near and far.
In the News
Fashion United

We are officially a recession-busting, entrepreneurial mobilisation of students which is very exciting!

(ps. I have witnessed the making of a tagline - "the most spectacular set of fashion events outside of London" copyright Anglim 2009!)

Sunday, 1 March 2009


I realised I never do outfit posts so here is a selection from the last few weeks. When I'm not wearing this stuff I'm normally wearing pyjamas. I love being a student.

p.s. I WILL clean my mirror!

I wore this: to Narcissists. It's a very slutty dress and I probably should have buttoned the lace shirt up. But it's see through, so it probably would have just made it worse!
Dress - Smack, Urban Outfitters. (intended as underwear?)
Shirt - Topshop Unique
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Hair bow - myself.

I wore this: around town, dropping into (and quickly out of) the library and grabbing some shopping from Tesco.
Jacket - Tux Deluxe at Topshop
Die Yuppie Scum T shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - stolen from a friend
Boots - Vintage from Hurwendeki

I wore this: to a fashion show meeting. The only thing I have bought this year is the coral T on sale from Reiss. I am so proud of my restraint, but so bored of not having anything new!
T shirt - Reiss
Jeans - Lois (Barcelona)

I wore this: printing off an essay in town and securing sound equipment for KAPOW!, which is my baby (first born, before fashion week took all my attention. K gets very jealous of OFW. I find him trying to tear up my OFW documents in an attempt of sabotage)
Blazer - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
T shirt - My friends' band, White Lies.
Scarf - Topshop
Necklace - Accessorize
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

I wore this: to a tutorial and coffee with friends. I do like to dress up for my tutorials. The better the outfit, the better my tutors will think I am at the subject. Yes, definitely a direct correlation.
Jacket - stolen from housemate (Zara)
Hat - Vintage from The Ballroom
Scarf - Stolen from my mum
Sunglasses - Accessorize
Belt - came with a dress from ebay
Dress - PPQ at Cocosa
Leggings - H & M
Shoes - Vintage from Istanbul

I wore this: out last night to Screwface. I think the fun of getting this outfit together really eclipsed the rest of the evening, which really went down the drain with some unnecessary bitching and music that I couldn't dance to. Might have been due to the shoes. Everything still a bit blurry.
Jacket - stolen from housemate.
Bow - Made myself.
Bikini top - American Apparel
Skirt - Topshop Unique
Shoes - Kurt Geiger