Thursday, 29 January 2009


Boys are great, aren't they? My Christmas was made by one in particular. Unprompted and unguided he managed to find me these beauties from Hurwundeki. AND get them to me before Christmas day in time for maximum unwrapping exposure! I had been thinking about getting some Doc Martens anyway, but as he put it, these are much more unusual - Victorian, beautiful condition and absolutely tiny! Luckily I have eeny weeny feet that just squeeze in (and then triumph in their glorious, glorious coverings!)

As if that weren't enough, since he went to Istanbul last week, I've been presented with the most amazing unnecessary gift (of all time??) SHOES! Bought all the way over in Istanbul by my lovely boyfriend, they are, again, vintage, mint condish, and (cue breathy voice) lace-up brogues... My L-U.B. count is now on five (including 2 metallic pairs). Can they make it all the way to 'signature'?! I think so.

Official thanks go out to the owner of these - it's clear our shoes are meant to walk next to each other!

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