Thursday, 29 January 2009


Boys are great, aren't they? My Christmas was made by one in particular. Unprompted and unguided he managed to find me these beauties from Hurwundeki. AND get them to me before Christmas day in time for maximum unwrapping exposure! I had been thinking about getting some Doc Martens anyway, but as he put it, these are much more unusual - Victorian, beautiful condition and absolutely tiny! Luckily I have eeny weeny feet that just squeeze in (and then triumph in their glorious, glorious coverings!)

As if that weren't enough, since he went to Istanbul last week, I've been presented with the most amazing unnecessary gift (of all time??) SHOES! Bought all the way over in Istanbul by my lovely boyfriend, they are, again, vintage, mint condish, and (cue breathy voice) lace-up brogues... My L-U.B. count is now on five (including 2 metallic pairs). Can they make it all the way to 'signature'?! I think so.

Official thanks go out to the owner of these - it's clear our shoes are meant to walk next to each other!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


My first forages into the world of fashion for this concept show have left me exhilarated and excited at the possibilities that are open to me for this event! I have decided on a venue - Freuds in Oxford, a converted church that has such a great atmosphere of mystique and intrigue and is even better at night! I already know that set up is going to be a total nightmare though, since there is only one entrance/exit and one room for guests. Ah well, better to have a calamitous but spectacular show than an organised boring one! (in my opinion anyway!)
I emailed the RCA first, since my mum's the librarian there, to send a message around the whole mailing list. I have had 4 responses so far, and only one of them is a fashion student! One of the non-fashionistas is Jane Bowler, who makes sculptural mixed media textile jewellery - much better to have a look at her workthan just hear about it.
Here's a little teaser from Grace Du Prez, confirmed to show:

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Although I have officially been awful about keeping up with this blog, I am intending to keep you all fully updated on my road to organising an entire "concept" fashion show, yet to be named, for Oxford Fashion Week.See the website here (still a work in progress!)
Today i am collating a whole load of contacts for people to email and call about contributing to the show. This has involved googling, searching out the 'contact' button and deciding whose name looks friendliest, to email later.
Although I am still on the 'A's i am confident I have found my favourite fashion website so far. Ashish, with its lovely movable sequins, is fantastic, has an easy-to-reach contact button and hey, the clothes aren't bad either!