Friday, 18 December 2009


Did anyone else think that the finale of BBC's School of Saatchi was a bit like this:

Image: Rolling Stone

You can just imagine Charles bounding up to Matt, sunglasses on, saying:

"Yo Matt, I’m really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Eugenia has one of the best works of art of all time. One of the best works of all time!”

Eugenie even behaved with classic Beyonce-style grace and gave Matt her studio she won for one of her three years. Yep, this analogy is WATERTIGHT.

(If you haven't seen it, I would really recommend it. Check it out on iPlayer)

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hearing: Songs for Christmas - Sufjan Stevens, All I Want for Christmas - Mariah Carey, I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jackson Five

Watching: The Wire Season Three (finally on Virgin on Demand!)

Reading: A Very Short Introduction to Tragedy - Adrian Poole

Randomly Obsessing Over: IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Having seen Susie Bubble's recent (or not so recent? My Google reader has been clogged for so long I don't know when I'm referencing posts from YONKS ago!) post about Sketchbook I was interested to see this page shot.

I really love this page, particularly the one on the left. It's extremely satisfying to see a structure so usually composed in photos, but is shifted infinitely by the clear illustrative aspect of the drawing. It also reminded me of the shoot in ROOM magazine which I posted a while ago, where the models have animal heads:

It made me realise that the reason these images are so interesting is the lack of facial identity we find in them, which fits in interestingly with the idea of blogging in general - the theme of the issue of Sketchbook above. Often bloggers put pictures of flowers or hide their face in other ways. I know when I first started blogging I didn't want to advertise my identity by putting photos of my face online.(and I'm still not certain where I stand on that point!)

Many bloggers are evasive or downright secretive about their identities. This is in sharp contrast to the images we find in magazines, adverts, billboards and almost everywhere we look, where the identity of the wearer of the clothes is proclaimed for the world to see. In many cases (say Kate Moss's modelling of her collection for Topshop), the facial recognition is the reason that we are looking at the image. I am also convinced that companies often hire models or pick certain photographs because the model looks similar to a famous actress or model, eliciting that response of "Oh, is Gisele/Kate Moss/Naomi Campbell modelling for xyz company now?". If a company is using an extremely famous model to advertise, or in an editorial, they're almost never facing away from the camera. This wouldn't be "getting their money's worth".

An interesting bridge that I think is brought about by the transition of fashion bloggers into the mainstream - how crucial is the face to an image?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Really wonderful lookbook by Tom Hines for The Lake and The Stars
Gorgeous underwear, in an action man meets boudoir setting.

I'd like this colour hair for christmas please. And any of the underwear above.


Thanks to for flagging it up!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hearing: Houses in Motion - Talking Heads, Wicked Game - Exlovers, Right Hand Hi (Riton Vocal Rub) - Kid Sister

Watching: Citizen Kane - those typefaces!

Reading: The Isis!

Randomly obsessing over: Fake christmas. It's the end of term and we have to celebrate xmas SOME time...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yep missed last week. Oops.

Hearing: Surprise Hotel (Mad decent remix) - Fools Gold, Slick - Chew Lips, Ego is the drug/3am - The Frequency.

Watching: Eddie Izzard - Definite Article (Fruit, Pears and THOSE BOOTS

Reading: nope

Randomly Obsessing Over: Je suis francaise. Ok, maybe not, but je voudrais parler, manger et m'habiller comme une femme francaise!

Monday, 23 November 2009


Everyone loves Charlotte, especially French Vogue (she's pretty much their poster girl, right?). I've been doing a lot of under the guise of "learning french", and this video with Beck- "Heaven Can Wait" is really great. La chanson is not really my thing but the vid is in a messed up weirded out american suburbia aesthetic. Clear and disturbing. It all goes perfectly in my book - directed by Keith Schofield.,251970/

Tuesday, 10 November 2009



Hearing: The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac (HEAR THIS: The Chain), Peek-A-Boo - Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cable TV - Fol Chen

Reading: The Economist, surprisingly fascinating for a real-news-phobe like me. I get all my current affairs knowledge from their effect on culture or in bitesized chunks from Twitter.

Watching: I, Claudius. Oh, the intrigue!

Randomly Obsessing Over: Whether I should do this with my life:

Monday, 9 November 2009


I was organizing a photo shoot for the Isis this Saturday. We got lots of clothes.

Then we went to Bethnal Green and took some photos on a roof, in a barbers and in a greasy spoon.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Do I look Austrian?
I bought this hat for 4 euro and it is proper Viennese "Papesch".
The scarf is from H & M and has now been relegated to the "left in a club toilet" section of losses.

I dyed my hair red also. I quite like it but it fades so quickly I might have to do it once a fortnight to maintain this colour. I used L'oreal Excell10 Cherry Chocolate but it didn't come out at all on my friend who has black hair. Anyone got any recommendations for any that are stronger?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Hearing: Gee Whizz But This Is A Lonesome Town - Moriarty (HEAR THIS: Jimmy), The Midnight Bell (Disco Bloodbath Remix) - The High Wire, Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix) - Au Revoir Simone

Reading: Descartes' Meditations

Watching: Casino Royale. Yum Yum.

Randomly obsessing over: How it can be so cold and yet about to get colder! I think the threat of cold is worse than the real thing...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Love these legging/trouser situations from Natascha Stolle

1. I really like how the trousers look like shorts.
2. Susie Bubble says pebble. I say quite crocodile-skin-esque!
3. They look like an egg you just cracked or cobbles on the street

WOW! That's a lot of great associations.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Hearing: Speakerboxx - Outkast (HEAR THIS: Ghettomusik), Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors and David Byrne, Gaia - Portico Quartet


Reading: Jamie Oliver Magazine

Randomly Obsessing over: An extra hour in the day makes all your problems go away

Rather predictably have come up with nothing new since my last post... where does the time GO?
umm...Might have an answer for that one...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I realised recently that one of my favourite things about writing this blog is putting together my 'This Week'. I know that they're not weekly. I know that some of the time, they're not that interesting, like lots of things on lots of peoples' blogs. But I like it.

The 'This Week' is getting moved. To the centrefield: the big old blog posts.
I was also getting annoyed that I couldn't archive the choices I'd made each week - now you and I can see what I've been into the whole time. I've posted these below my one for this week.

ps. Sorry i haven't posted, I haven't had the internet and got busy... I was washing my hair? What is a good excuse for not posting?

Hearing: Kings and Queens - Jamie T (HEAR THIS: Earth Wind and Fire), Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear, Xtatic Truth (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) - Crystal Fighters

Watching: Mad Men Season 1

Reading: Outpost of Progress by Joseph Conrad

Randomly Obsessing over: The Cooks ingredients aisle in Tesco

and here is the last year, minus a lot that i forgot to record...
7/10/08 * Hearing: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I See a Darkness (HEAR THIS - A Minor Place), Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel, Florence and The Machine - Postcards From Italy
* Watching: 0
* Reading: Everything is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer
* Randomly obsessing over: Various room decorations and storage solutions for my new room in Oxford
17/1/09 * Hearing: To Lose My Life - White Lies, Dancing Choose - TV On The Radio, Tonight's Today - Jack Penate
* Watching: Mad Men...finally!
* Reading: Attempting Barthes' collected essays. Struggling.
* Randomly obsessing over: Thieving from housemates. Shhhhh!
28/1/09 * Hearing: Ta Douleur - Camille, About today - The National, Play your part (pt.1) - Girl Talk
* Watching: Million Dollar Traders - eight non-traders are put in the position of traders for a hedge fund. Fascinating viewing. Oh, and Gossip Girl, like, DUH!
* Reading: Saturday - Ian McEwan
* Randomly obsessing over: Organising my life. i seem to be a month behind with the new year's resolutions but this is the year!
2/2/09 * Hearing: Le fil - Camille, Blood Bank - Bon Iver, Lights and Music - Cut Copy
* Watching: Slumdog Millionaire - WARNING, not the fun packed film it is marketed as!
* Reading: Saturday - Ian McEwan
* Randomly obsessing over: OFW!! 5th May here we come!
27/2/09 * Hearing: Something Good can Work - Two Door Cinema Club, My Girls - Animal Collective, Do What You like - Passenger
* Watching: La Vie en Rose, highly recommended
* Reading: Saturday - Ian McEwan
* Randomly obsessing over: The smell of spring in the air that equals less layers and more fun
10/3/09 * Hearing: Farewell to the Fairground (Yuksek remix) - White Lies, Whole World on Its Head - Post War Years, Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
* Watching: COULD i be more obsessed with Paris Hilton's British Best Friend? Plus Skins has sucked me in
* Reading: Uh...magazines? But only REALLY thick and heavy looking ones like Plastique and Wonderland
* Randomly obsessing over: A fancy dress party where you're only allowed to wear one piece of clothing? - a friend's vintage bright floral jumpsuit comes to the rescue
24/3/09 * Hearing: Gifted - NASA, Shim - Joe and Will Ask?, True Romantic Re-Fix - Golden Silvers
* Watching: antm cycle twelve tastes better when it's illicit!
* Reading: I WILL be reading loads of really important books for my work as of TOMORROW. i will i will i will!
* Randomly obsessing over: iPod returned after two trips to the repair man, and better than ever
31/3/09 * Hearing: Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan (HEAR THIS: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again), Solo - Chew Lips, The Purple Bottle - Animal Collective
* Watching: no new obsessions - what a relief for my already overcrowded tv schedule!
* Reading: Mr Phillips by John Lanchester
* Randomly obsessing over: My sister's wardrobe. what a lot of gems can be found in a closet that is not one's own.
8/4/09 * Hearing: Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal, Knight of Wands - Au Revoir Simone
* Watching: The Fever at The Royal Court and The Apprentice. Not that they mix AT ALL!
* Reading: Plato - Theaetetus, Virgil - Eclogues
* Randomly obsessing over: NIGEL WARBURTON!
20/5/09 * Hearing: Chelsea Girl - Nico (HEAR THIS: These Days), Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath Remix) - The Aliens, Milord - Edith Piaf
* Watching: House Season Five... romantic liaisons seem to appear out of nothing...?
* Reading: i wish...
* Randomly obsessing over: Burberry's The Beat fragrance. I've had it for a year now and it's definitely becoming signature.
1/06/09 * Hearing: If You Leave It Alone - The Wave Pictures (HEAR THIS: Bye Bye Bubble Belly), Arrows of Eros (Shoes remix) - Golden Silvers, Velvet - The Big Pink
* Watching: Oooh Gossip Girl and Apprentice hotting up
* Reading: i wish...
* Randomly obsessing over: i'm spending the rest of term cooking my life away. Spaghetti with prawns, rocket, and sundried tomatoes and coriander, ginger and edamame udon noodles are two faves.
24/06/09 * Hearing: Be The One (Armand van Helden remix) - Jack Penate, Stay Famous - Cougar, Black Magic (Crystal Fighters remix) - Magic Wands, Bournemouth - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (who played at my club night in Oxford last year!)
* Watching: Three words: Wim. Bull. Dun.
* Reading: YAY! work is out for summer, and nice reading is in. I'm starting Philip Larkin's A Girl in Winter
* Randomly obsessing over: My need for a summer job to keep me in patterned tights and jugs of pimms all summer.
7/07/09 * Hearing: 3am Spanish - Hockey (actually anything by them), Bodies - Savoir Adore, Lose You (Brodinski remix) - Peaches
* Watching: The world go by. I heart summer.
* Reading: (Being a slow reader)Philip Larkin - A Girl in Winter
* Randomly obsessing over: Wonderful weekend of Bliss in a Field.
15/7/09 * Hearing: The Cave-Mumford and Sons, Old Cape Cod - The Puppini Sisters, Sleepyhead-Passion Pit
* Watching: Magnolia, long and confusing but you gotta love a biblical plague denouement
* Reading: Those Italian phrasebooks that come free in the Guardian, que spensierato!
* Randomly obsessing over: Backwards and forwards from one end of the central line to the other. Considering just moving into the pad in East.
29/07/09 * Hearing: Knee-Deep in the North Sea - Portico Quartet (HEAR THIS: News from Verona), Les Champs-Elysees - Joe Dassin, Baby Said - Hot Chip
* Watching: We Own The Night. Check out the hotness that is Eva Mendes taking on the beauty of Joaquin Phoenix...mmmmm.
* Reading: Language, Truth and Logic by A.J. Byer
* Randomly obsessing over: Wanting to be back in Secret Garden Party and new job opportunities, woooo.
6/08/09 * Hearing: Moshi Moshi: The First 10 Years (HEAR THIS: Through the Backyards - Au Revoir Simone), Pieces of You(Baby Monster Remix) - Wolf Gang, Pull My Heart Away (Jamie XX Remix) - Jack Penate
* Watching: State of Play, the BBC Documentary. Highly recommended.
* Reading: Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. My first ever graphic novel, how exciting.
* Randomly obsessing over: Sitting at my computer, working from home all day every day. And ARTICULATE!
Hearing: Begin to Hope - Regina Spektor (HEAR THIS: Fidelity), Crystalised - The XX, Long Island - The Wave Pictures
Watching: Lots of plays in Edinburgh, otherwise only connect and uni challenge.
Reading: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis
Randomly obsessing over: Tweeting about the British Library, can I get over it already?
Hearing: Far - Regina Spektor (HEAR THIS: Laughing With), Kiss of Life - Friendly Fires, Let Me Know - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Watching: Design is Life. Phillipe Starck is the most ridiculously steeotyped frenchman ever but you've gotta love project runway for the design world.
Reading: Derren Brown - Tricks of the Mind. It's really wuite interesting and will have you quoting all over the place for days.
Randomly obsessing over: Having spent all my money on holiday, anything free.
Hearing: Hardships! - Jenny Wilson (HEAR THIS: Like a fading rainbow), You've got the love - The XX (remix of Florence and the Machine), My Heart - Wildbirds and Peacedrums. A particularly enthusiastic recommendation of all the above this week.
Watching: House season 6. mmmmmhm.
Reading: The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton
Randomly obsessing over: New house, new term, everything feels exciting and non-boring. Give it one week.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Flicking through the modern art books in Budapest's Museum of Contemporary Art led me (in a very infantile way, I'm sure) over to a beautiful glossy stack of magazines that looked RIGHT up my street.

The Room is a really lovely magazine which I was so pleased to have seen (i didn't buy as it was nearing the end of the trip and funds were LOW). It's such a great way to see what the fashion scene is like in another country, which, as a tourist, it's quite hard to gauge unless you really know the right places to hang out. I was also seriously impressed with the quality of the content. I'm sure it's very ignorant of me, but I think there's a general assumption that a lot of Eastern Europe is still very behind in lots of ways. i was so so happy to have this proved wrong by interviews with Frida Giannini and Rita Ackerman just in the issue I picked up. There were also some awesome illustrations by KovĂ cs Lehel, which I had to share with you.

It's this season's designs (although the issue was a bit old I think) on human bodies with animal heads. Something about the absurdity of the illustrations, together with the pastely colours and ink really struck a chord with me. It's such a simple and almost childlike way of displaying a quite "adult" (but decidedly trivial!) subject matter.

Friday, 25 September 2009


While I was away I missed loads of interesting stuff happening, like

Agyness changed her hair. I love it. I want a black bob now instead of red wavy long hair. (Yes, I'm pathetic, and yes, I should probably buy a variety of wigs instead of trying to capture every microtrend atop my head).

Mark Fast put !!!3!!! non-model sized girls on the catwalk and his stylist walked out. Now, granted, I've been away and only happened to chance upon this in the Guardian, so am no expert, but does anyone else think that, if the stylist hadn't walked out, no one would have noticed those girls weren't model-sized? They looked great, and the clothes looked amazing on them too. I applaud Fast's idea, but am not convinced the stylist walking out wasn't a publicity stunt - is anyone truly that biased against the size 12s and 14s amongst us??

New York, London and Milan. Yag. Don't know when I'll have the time to the whole bloody circuit. Nightmare. I wish there was an edited highlights before the glossies produce thiers in feb for lazy people like me who still feel they should stay on the pulse...

Amelle from the Sugababes (Rest In Obscurity Keisha) did a video with Tinchy Stryder where she has undercut one side of her hair and it suddenly became the "cool" (read: the least cool thing ever) haircut. Unknowing of this vital piece of news (again, EDITED HIGHLIGHTS WHERE ARE YOU), I cut into one side of my hair and now am about as edgy as a sugababe. and a third-time lucky one at that.

So if anyone else has been away for three weeks, i'd say you're pretty much up to date once you've read this.

Friday, 28 August 2009


Because I have a lot to do at the moment, a lot of things are going to get condensed into this post. I hope you're ready.

1. I'm really fascinated by the way the elderly dress. Quite often I find myself staring at an old lady's outfit on the bus and thinking "Could I wear that?". Of course, more often than not they are wearing really cool outfits without realizing how they would appear if they were 25, wearing headphones, and had a bit of an attitude about them. For example, this morning I saw an old woman walking down the Uxbridge Road wearing a pink baseball cap, blue jacket, purple peg leg trousers and yellow plimsolls. All in the most perfect pastel shades. I wish I could have taken a photo, but the fact remains that, in Shoreditch, the other side of London, this probably would have been considered a great outfit for a stroll down Brick Lane. So... old ladies are my new style inspiration - I'll know I've gone too far when I'm tying scarves under my chin!

2. I cleared out my entire wardrobe yesterday, inspired by my lack of internet (bloody Belkin routers and Virgin Media, bane of my life, FACT), an old episode of Gok's Fashion Fix, and my sister's assurance that she would be doing the same. We had a great old time laughing at some of the ridiculous things we'd bought - WHY oh WHY did I think I would ever wear a pair of combat-style tweedy khaki trousers? With turquoise stones for buttons? This means, although I'm not quite living up to Gok's capsule "24 piece" wardrobe, I am totally ready for a new season of buys that will LAST. It's weird, although I'm quite liberal about what I'll let into my wardrobe and into my outfits, once I'm done with something I just despise it - I'm sure that's the way it is with everyone, right?

3. I am leaving for Florence on Monday (missing Carnival but what can you do?) and then travelling to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest (and maybe Bratislava if we get the chance). I am VERY excited about returning to Berlin, as it's my favourite city in the whole world and I did NOT get enough time to do all the vintage shopping I wanted when I was there before. It was also the city that prompted my very first post on this blog! (proud moment for me because I never keep things going this long) So, i'm preparing for some Euro-style with
Stil in Berlin

//Photo from Stil in Berlin//

Made on Street (Prague)

//Photo from Made on Street//

To Vie (Vienna)

//Photo from To Vie//

So I know Berlin is incredible for Flea markets and vintage shops, and apparently Vienna has great charity with everything for about 20p, but what about Budapest and Prague? Anyone got any top tips? What about Florence? I'm hoping for some full on glossy Italian style, but it'll probably just be touristville...
But anyway there's my excuse for not posting for a few weeks, not that I'm even post-happy enough for anyone to miss it I suppose!

Monday, 17 August 2009



I loved Beachy Head for theatre, an amazingly slick and well thought out play about...suicide. But amazing.
Also Cocorico for comedy, with some of the best physical comedy I've ever seen. It's so enjoyable to laugh at things that are so silly. I learnt a new word, panglossian, that i think fits this well.

Also in Edinburgh is the only UK stockist of Ben Simon shoes (at Bohemia). My mum is obsessed with these shoes. They are so comfortable, she has also infected me and my sister with the obsession. I am not joking, between the three of us we have pretty much the whole range across two sizes. And they're really hard to get hold of.
I bought these:

And took a great photo of my man:

Very sad to be down south again, if only I could spend my whole life watching plays...

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I'm not a big ice cream fan, even in the summer. It's great when you're in Italy and there's a million flavours to choose from and you know you're getting something really good, or, on the other hand, when it's that cheapy yellow vanilla from the supermarket or choc-ices which always remind me of school dinners.

But, ahem, apart from that... I'm not into ice-cream. Apart from, as I have now discovered, on jewellery. Check out these amazing pendants from Q-Pot, available at the V&A Shop (and online here), where i first spied them. Sadly they're made of rubber, and aren't designed for a little nibble when you're peckish on the tube.

Macaroons are one of those things that everyone comes back from Paris in love with. Though I think I mainly just love all the pretty pastel colours in rows.

Also there's an awesome chandelier/sculpture in the main entrance of the V&A by Dale Chihuly.

Sadly, I was at the V&A to have coffee with my visiting grandparents, and so didn't make it to the new design exhibition, Telling Tales, which looked tantalisingly interesting from a distance. I shall be back, and might HAVE to get a little sweet treat while I'm there...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Ffion and Lola, originally uploaded by josietj.

People really do go all out for festivals. I had the most amazing time at Secret Garden Party this weekend, where NOT dressing up as a monkey/leopard/ninja/roman soldier/circus clown is likely to get you odd looks as you wander around the fantastical landscape.
If you've never been, here's a tip: GO! Next year is sure to be even bigger - maybe not better, since I enjoy a nice cozy atmosphere at my festivals - but fantastic nonetheless.
I'll see you there.

ps. for more outfit photos, check out the flickr page from it right here

Monday, 6 July 2009


Among the slew of blog posts about the ASOS 100 Ltd (check it out here) I have only just noticed the occurence of Fannie Schiavoni, one of the lovely designers who took part in the Concept Show of Oxford Fashion Week. She actually came along to style her clothes for the show and watched it herself, so I did have a mild sense of pride when I saw the very same dress that walked down the catwalk we sweated over constructing is now in mass production! Unfortunately I think the universe agrees with me about the wearability and structural yummyness of Schiavoni's designs, as they appear to have gone off the! But here is the dress, styled for ASOS.

Monday, 29 June 2009


Light denim is so cool right now I want to vomit.

I bought this from topshop and I want to wear it every day but unfortunately the wiring has come out of one of the cups. The boning generally is absolutely awful quality, since it bends when you sit down and won't bend back. BUT it's topshop and you love it so what can you do?

Here is some more vomit-worthy light denim.

Stud shirt, Miss Selfridge, £45

Button through Playsuit, Diesel (available on, £125

@ Coachella, from

Oh, Agy...

Sunday, 28 June 2009


As I don't appear to have sorted out the marathon of unpacking facing me, here is some good stuff I will be looking at when I am deciding what to keep, what to ebay and what to throw as far far away from myself.

From: The Sartorialist Love: Puffiness either side of a skinny belt. Great colour with the black and white too.

From: Facehunter Love: Much as I hate to play favourites with colours, this shade is just st-unning. With the pale skin and dark hair it's an alarmingly arresting look.

From: Facehunter Love: I WANT A BOWLER HAT! This one in a mustardy orange is gorgeous, and leaves me wishing streetstyle sites begged stockist information off their victims. Sweet short blazer too.

From: Facehunter Love: The hair and the leggings. I know leggings are all a bit old hat but my legs get so bored when they don't have exciting patterns to spruce them up. I also have a secret obsession with zebra print that is SO uncool. Her hair has some wicked stuff going on, I want to know what it normally looks like. Mine is in the evil stages of growing out and is unfit for the blogosphere currently (hopefully soon to change when i get a haircut - maybe a short bob? thoughts?)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I am often struck by a very strange feeling when i come back to London after two months away at uni. For while I have been living 2 hours away from the capital in the completely alien environs of Oxford, the world of street style and what's COOL has totally moved on. Though I'm not one to follow every trend religiously, it is always nice to know what they are in the city you're living in, so you know you can accurately portray what you want with your outfit. I'm not one for all this "Style is timeless" stuff, I like my information at my fingertips so I know what I'm saying to the world around me. Especially as I still think of London as my city. (and I hope, though doubt, she still thinks of me as hers!)

So it is with heavy heart I start my mission to understand what London's been doing the last 2 months and how it's going to affect me, and more importantly my wardrobe this summer.

Tips, pointers, and pitying looks are welcome and, in the last case, only to be expected

Monday, 8 June 2009


A quote from a two-week old episode of Britain's Next Top Model:

"If you were sitting in a restaurant and somebody took exception and said 'Please would you remove that hat, what would you say to them?"

Daisy (wearing a metre wide black spiky Louis Mariette creation): "Please remove yourself!"

Aside from L-O-V-ing Daisy so far this series (though my favourite has to be Jade purely for pulling off those glasses) I think this quote is so uplifting and fantastic. It's so easy to start to think you should feel bad for wearing something that doesn't fit in with the standard style of dress. I'm glad there are people standing in an admittedly ridiculous but utterly fabulous outfit saying "Yes, I'm wearing this and if you don't like it then you have to look at something you don't like". Refusing to change and kowtow to what's expected is so boring - let's have more Daisys as role models on TV who know that they can wear what they choose and not be made to feel bad because of it.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


So i'm growing my hair. Which is a blooming nightmare by the way and making me just want to have short hair for the rest of my life just to avoid this situation.

But if the crop is leaving my head, i reckoned it was time to get some more going on elsewhere...

Like this

I bought this one for a friend's birthday and am now regretting giving it away - I WANT IT! (buy it here)


Sunday, 24 May 2009


If you've got the same lazy Sunday feeling I've got after lying in the sun all day pretending to work and taking frequent trips to the freezer for more ice cream, your day can only get better by turning on the tv to find...


Bay Trading Company was one of those shops that I used to visit religiously when I was about 14, searching for the perfect off-the-shoulder gypsy top, to go with my trendily distressed jeans. (Oh god... I promise to NEVER mention this style phase EVER again)

It pretty much disappeared off my radar until last week when I decided to take a look around. Yep, I was avoiding work and hadn't been shopping for weeks. Anyway, I found myself pleasantly surprised because everything was I suppose I should have noticed the warning signs that I clearly want to dress like Bay Trading's target market - 14 year old girls - but decided to persevere.

Lucky thing that, because I've found myself the most perfect little playsuit. I know I'm copping out by going for black (it's SUMMER now. I keep reminding myself. Trust me, there are post it notes involved!) Adorable merry-go-round horses I thought, no? PLUS they give 15% student discount!

Unfortunately Bay has now gone into administration so all the cheapy topshop knockoffs will soon be dust. Maybe they'll do a zavvi-style closing down period?



When two of my team members (Hi 5 Raluca and Poppy!) turned up on the day of the fashion show with a load of huge, helium-filled, pastel shaded balloons, all a metre in diameter, my heart leapt because I knew they would look so amazing as a backdrop. So fun to play with, I think some lucky guests went off with them at the end of the night!

However, I'm afraid Ms. Allen has outdone me - I just happened to see the video for The Fear, and she has taken pastel balloons to the next level...

Saturday, 23 May 2009


The Concept Show in photos

Freud Cafe + our decorations

Model: Laura Jackson
Designer: Hass Idriss
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Rosie Piggott
Designer: Rachel Freire
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Olivia Mackintosh
Designer: Niamh O'Connor
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Designer: Piers Atkinson, Emma Bell
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Char Walker
Designer: Hermione O'Hea
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Rosie Piggott
Designer: Corina Vladescu
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Fiona Murray
Designer: Romina Karamanea, Piers Atkinson
Photographer: Julia Fitzpatrick

Model: Chantal Hadley
Designer: Cecilia Mary Robson
Photographer: James Whayman

Two of my WONDERFUL team (Michaela and Philly) enjoying the party with a very dapper gent.

Raluca, Michaela and Philly taking on the guestlist.

Looking less harrassed than I felt in my Jonathan Saunders for Topshop dress (I have a size 10 one on sale on ebay here). It was a birthday present so I saved it for this purpose specifically. It's just not about stressing about what to wear on top of everything else...