Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Jackets! It's that time of year when a jacket really makes sense. It's not so cold that you feel like an idiotic floozy putting style above substance and it's not so warm that you inevitably want to take it off even though: "It's part of an OUTFIT doncha know?". These autumny days have thrown two beautiful jackets my way.

1. I bought this lovely check coat for £7 in an anonymous charity shop in portobello. It's definitely too big and the shoulder pads are an unusual choice for someone like I who is so frequently labelled "petite". But...I kind of love it! I guess it's straight out of this month's Vogue jackets page, with a belt and chunky scarf as I've styled it above. It is a bit overpowering as an outfit interest though, might need some kind of toning down.

2. This is currently on hold for me in the Oxford topshop - there's a 20 percent off for students sale on tonight so i'm going back to retrieve it later avec the discount, s'il vous plait! I'm not sure how lasting the snakeskin print will be, or if the dirty rock n roll thing will die out and look naff for spring. On the other hand, my style is generally quite rock n roll. And i DO have a thing for jackets... Well worth my fifty quid in my opinion! (!)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Ever since I saw this picture I was obsessed.

Ruff me up immediately! I have gone further into crazy, fashion victim territory than ever before. I've even set up a little folder full of specifically ruff-centric inspiring pictures on my computer.

Susie B and Fashion 156 have been extolling the virtues of Kapow Wow's versions, which look the absolute business to me: here's my own attempt, using fringing from Shepherd's Bush Market.

My other solution has been a kid's tutu from a vintage shop in Oxford which sits quite nicely across the shoulders and on the neck.

But this sort of experimentation often leads to other musings, and led me to think that my neck isn't the only place volume is required. I have worn the tutu as an actual skirt but it is just very very bum-revealingly short and should not be attempted without a full realisation of your madness and several large glasses of vodka. Instead next I plan to wear my fetish on my sleeve, becoming probably the world's most annoying person to dance next to in a club.

Flapper style indeed...
(p.s. apologies for the lousy background, i couldn't face negotiating photoshop today...)