Thursday, 25 September 2008


Is it just me or do we all have a plethora of mangy chains, rings, unpaired earrings, charms and whatnot lying around waiting to be played with? Perhaps it's just my magpie tendencies...
Anyway I always found myself irritated to the point of blind rage at Urban Outfitters' audacity in selling off some bits of junk on a chain for 20 quid (even though I secretly couldn't be bothered to do it myself, ah UO, you know us so well!). But why must we stop at our jewellery junk, why can't I have all sorts of unused items on my neck?
Queen Marie's got a tea set around her neck, ruffs seem to be making a comeback, Givenchy's mad for millions of chains this season, surely I can come up with something entertainingly endearing around my neck?
Pray to god I don't end up with a pin-pierced doll's head on some string! Though my 14-year old grunge self would love it, my 20 year old self will be dying inside

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