Thursday, 21 August 2008


Once upon a time there was a little girl called word_fashionista, who had the longest hair in all the kingdom. Even when her mother brushed it oppressively hard, almost tearing out her scalp, she never complained because she loved her great long swinging plait hanging down her back. The hair took hold of her, convincing her she needed it to make her look good, and the girl succumbed to its wishes - she thought her long hair was forever, and they would never be parted.
"What would you do without me?" Her hair asked. "I'm the best asset you have!". For years the girl unquestioningly agreed. Eventually, though the girl began to wonder if her hair really was as necessary as she'd thought it was. It did seem to weigh her down, and surely she had some other assets to hold on to as well (her biting wit? her loyalty to her friends?). So she went to the magic hairdressers where an enthusiastically anti-long-hair Alessandro smiled gleefully at her request to "cut it all off please". A snip-snip-snip and a chop-chop-chop later and word-fashionista was free of her long-haired prison. And she lived happily ever after.

Well...Not exactly! Although I love my cropped pixie cut, and still get compliments from it 8 months after the cut, there is a tiny bit of me that does feel slightly wistful when I see others plaiting and ponytailing and chignonning. I can't help but feel I've really cut my options down, and am doomed to look the same no matter what I do with my hair (until i let it all grow out of course!).

Not one to let myself mooch about feeling sorry for myself, I decided to rectify this situation. I WILL have plaits and hair clips and backcombing! I am loving using material as a hair substitute at the moment. Ok not in the "extensions" sort of way, but here are two different ways to use material as hair length:

1. Nymph plait
A few strips of white material joined at the top linked into a french plait across the forehead. Nice for summer, makes me think of a blonde floaty goddess running through a sun-drenched cornfield. Just me? Oh dear. Or leave the plait hanging down for a more Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean vibe.

2. Netting turban
This is a full-on hair-faking session. I love really stiff netting for this because you can get it to stick up in lots of different directions and twist it into any shape. Up dos, ponytails, hell i'm even tempted to just let it fly loose in a sort of crazy veil kind of way. Also tested has been the heidi round-the-head plaits for the true turban look (You can see how I've started it in the first of the 3 images above - wrap like a head scarf around the front of your head and twist the remainder into a "ponytail", wrap around head and tuck into the back).

Ok I think I might just be a little bit obsessed with netting.
p.s. I also wrote about this a while ago on's blog. You can see it here.

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