Friday, 18 July 2008


Do you ever think about the way you shop? I don't mean the shops you go to, the online stores you browse, flea markets you pick upon, but the actual process from your thoughts about what you like in your head to the act of picking something off a shelf and considering it as a purchase.
I think it's pretty important actually - it's all very well for me to know what's in and what I think I want to buy, but if I end up buying the same old boring crap, well, the magazines, fashion blogs, folders of inspiration of my computer, and damn well chasing people down the street just to ask where their belt was from has all been a big waste of time!
So, browsing Urban Outfitters' sale earlier this morning (bored at a desk job by 11.30am - there's only one thing for it!), I quickly flicked through all the pages and picked out a few things I thought I might want to buy and would go and look at in the shop (I still like to feel and try on - esp. if it's on sale). Then, crucially, I left the page open on my desktop. When I then re-opened the page ten minutes later, rather than the pretty cut out back dress (which is still cool) jumping out at me, it was this onesy with the fossil print that grabbed my attention.

Is the first thing I see really the thing I want/need/desire the most when I think about my fashion bubble? Almost certainly not, since that would require less of an instant reaction than a considered opinion. Maybe this is the way everyne shops and I just never knew! I'm now thinking I should do this with everything - you might have browsed a shop floor once, but to truly find all its gems, maybe I should start doing it TWICE? This would be expecially useful in charity shops and vintage shops.
Time consuming I know, but all is necessary in the name of fashion...

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