Friday, 11 July 2008


WOW! I have just got back from Berlin, and that is the only way I can think of explaining the incredible five days I have just spent there. London girl converted to Berlin style? Completely. I'm ashamed to say I was really ready to dismiss the history, the mystery and the schistory of this amazing city before I got there - Barcelona has been my destination of choice for so long. But berlin has now won over my heart.
Here are some of the things I liked about it.
  1. The people (and especially their clothes!).
    Have I ever been to a city where there are more well-dressed people in my life? no. Did almost every single person I passed in the street seem to have something interesting going on with their outfit? yes. Have I come back brimming with ideas and thoughts about applying this to my, London, life? But selbstverständlich!
    The style is very relaxed (as is the whole vibe of the city) - I barely saw a single pair of heels the whole time I was there. Neat, precise design features and lots of grey marl cotton rule the fashion stakes - trying too hard, or making very much effort at all doesn't seem to garner respect. Of course these are just my observations from wandering around for 5 days, and I'm sure for Berlin Fashion Week (which starts next week) there will be a lot more effort as is the norm within the fash industry.
  2. The shops and markets
    I say shops AND markets because my favourite day of shopping was in Boxhagener Platz, on Sunday, where there was an amazing flea market, full of the delights of the former GDR (Eastern Germany), with 70s orange everywhere and everything cheap cheapy cheap. Black leather shoulder satchel with loads of pockets and a cool concertina bottom for 8 euros? Funny clear old-lady glasses for 3 euros? A Russian-style real fur hat for 5 euros?(this isn't bad because it's vintage, right? Am feeling slightly awful as a vegetarian anyway!) Basically bargain centrale down there.
    Another bargainous find which I spent ABOUT an hour in was trag flache in papalalle in Prenzlauerberg (where I was staying). Amazing vintage shop with pretty much everything below 10 euros - not a lot of designer pieces, but this was more about the random mishmash of objects and styles the whole shop brought together. (The guy, Eric, who ran the shop was also a real sweetheart and didn't mind getting embroiled in an hour-long conversation with my mum while I was rummaging. Great music in there as well!)
  3. The magazines
    well I probably should say magazine/singular but I like the one I actually bought so much that I had to mention it! it's called 032c and it caught my eye because of's blog raving about its Martin Margiela retrospective article. I haven't finished flicking and devouring yet as is my usual way with real live magazines but everything I have read in it has been fascinating even though I wouldn't normally choose to read an article about the preservation os the Haus der Kunst in Munich and its political significations. In a word - - - I'm a fan.

    I am sure there are going to be more posts up and coming about the various exhibitions I went to and the ideas they inspired in me. Also apologies for the lack of photo material in this post, my camera broke just before I left.
    Fashion in a word?

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