Thursday, 31 July 2008


Gimmick or not, these revolver platforms from Chanel's resort 2009 line are spectacular! Imagine strutting down the street in them - talk about a killer heel!

Read about Michael Gaubert's trip to Miami for the show in Hint mag.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Top: Preen S/S 08, Marc Jacobs S/S 08, Marc Jacobs S/S 08 Bottom: Louis Vuitton S/S 08, Louis Vuitton S/S 08, Facehunter
Following on from my last post about fashion habits - here's another very bad habit of mine: an inability to buy into colours properly. (it makes my hideous nicotine habit pale into insignificance...)
My way of dealing with the constantly changing fashion trends has always been to keep everything: all the clothes that will still fit me, all the necklaces I can still wring around my neck and the heels i can jam my little feet into. This i count as one of my slightly more insane, but nonetheless useful habits. School satchels and checks, say you Luella? Well it's a good thing I kept my leather satchel from primary school and my dad's lumberjack shirt to chop up.
Black tantalising lace and tailoring, Prada? My makeshift version will be made out of scraps from my mum's material box and whatever boxy shirtiness is still left of her 80's wardrobe. The sheer range I have to choose from means I can approximate as much as possible what those with greater budgets than I can afford.

HOWEVER. All this comes to nothing if I never chose the right things in the first place, and my weakness is colours - i don't seem to own the right options to make it work! I've become obsessed with the idea of a really bright sherberty lemony limey greeny yumminess next to a very primary-to-creamy red.

Or how about a peachy salmony pink with a mid-to-light blue.

I am infatuated! These kind of striking colour combinations are always what catches my eye in the editorials, and I have to find a way to get this look for myself. So far I have unearthed an oversized highlighter yellow ralph lauren polo shirt that is begging for some creamy colour to modernise it...what will come next? I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Ooh! Check out this dress by Hannah Marshall, who is one of's Top ten picks for new designers this autumn. The styling of this photo in particular makes it look so luscious, n'est pas? The Mary-Kate Olsen hair and eyes, the fidgety hands and yet eyes that say exactly what that shoulder-piece says ("I will fight you to the death!").
It made me think of Cate Blanchett's dress for the Oscars last year by Giorgio Armani Prive, as well as that perennial style icon(?!), Joan of Arc.

Dressing up is often compared to armour, arming ourselves for the world outside with the only means we have - self-expression. By making this explicit, I think this dress challenges the world to the duel, and, when you're dressed that fabulously, you're simply bound to win!

Friday, 18 July 2008


Berlin. Again, again I know, BUT just a quick note to say these pictures on Facehunter are a great expression of the relaxed chic Berlin style I saw while I was there: the presence of the fashion police clearly haven't scared them out of sorts!


Do you ever think about the way you shop? I don't mean the shops you go to, the online stores you browse, flea markets you pick upon, but the actual process from your thoughts about what you like in your head to the act of picking something off a shelf and considering it as a purchase.
I think it's pretty important actually - it's all very well for me to know what's in and what I think I want to buy, but if I end up buying the same old boring crap, well, the magazines, fashion blogs, folders of inspiration of my computer, and damn well chasing people down the street just to ask where their belt was from has all been a big waste of time!
So, browsing Urban Outfitters' sale earlier this morning (bored at a desk job by 11.30am - there's only one thing for it!), I quickly flicked through all the pages and picked out a few things I thought I might want to buy and would go and look at in the shop (I still like to feel and try on - esp. if it's on sale). Then, crucially, I left the page open on my desktop. When I then re-opened the page ten minutes later, rather than the pretty cut out back dress (which is still cool) jumping out at me, it was this onesy with the fossil print that grabbed my attention.

Is the first thing I see really the thing I want/need/desire the most when I think about my fashion bubble? Almost certainly not, since that would require less of an instant reaction than a considered opinion. Maybe this is the way everyne shops and I just never knew! I'm now thinking I should do this with everything - you might have browsed a shop floor once, but to truly find all its gems, maybe I should start doing it TWICE? This would be expecially useful in charity shops and vintage shops.
Time consuming I know, but all is necessary in the name of fashion...

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Now let's get this straight: I am so not an artist. OR an art critic. OR someone who really knows anything about art. But my humble un-arty view on the world still draws incredible inspiration from art exhibitions, photography in particular because of its direct prominence in the fashion world.
When I was in Berlin, i was with my mum, who is definitely an arty type (she works at a postgrad art college in London), so was really interested to go and see some exhibitions that, if I'm honest, I probably wouldn't have had the motivation to go and see off my own bat!
My personal favourite for my specific brand of leisurely gallery perusing was the Alexander Rodchenko exhibition which is currently on at Martin Gropius Bau until the 18 August. This exhibition actually came to London, but both my mother and I had missed out on it, so decided to make up for lost opportunities.
What we found was a beautiful selection of photographs and photomontages from early Soviet Russia that explore different perspectives (literally - from very high up or very far down) of familiar environments. The exhibition curation was very reserved, encouraging careful studying of each framed photo - my particular favourite was "The Stairs" - a view of the most ordinary sight ever that looks entirely different!
This really reminded me of a photo a friend of mine took who does some photography (in his spare time from being a dj/club night promoter/record label chieftain!). I don't know if he saw the rodchenko photo before he took it but i think it's an interesting move forward with all the oddly intersecting lines.
I also really loved the photomontages, that were something that I would find useful as inspiration for making cards or some kind of faux-art that I engage in for fun! One of the great things about Rodchenko's work was his use of very everyday material to create visually beautiful results, which were used for posters, magazines and book covers, and so had to be eye-catching and visually stimulating.
The other exhibition that really caught my imagination was Wolfgang Tillman's "Lighter" at the Hamburger Bahnhof. I especially liked the serenity of a collection of photos that seem to be of something indistinguishable (You sit in front of it for twenty minutes debating: hair? silk? water?) At once both painfully dark and totally uplifting, don't you think? I only found out later they were photos of nothing and the pictures were created using only photographic processing solution. So, if you're going to Berlin, definitely check both of these exhibitions out - even if they didn't provoke me into a fashion ideas frenzy, they both challenged my automatic assumption that I don't belong in an art gallery! Now I'm back in London I think I'll definitely make the effort a bit more often...

Friday, 11 July 2008


WOW! I have just got back from Berlin, and that is the only way I can think of explaining the incredible five days I have just spent there. London girl converted to Berlin style? Completely. I'm ashamed to say I was really ready to dismiss the history, the mystery and the schistory of this amazing city before I got there - Barcelona has been my destination of choice for so long. But berlin has now won over my heart.
Here are some of the things I liked about it.
  1. The people (and especially their clothes!).
    Have I ever been to a city where there are more well-dressed people in my life? no. Did almost every single person I passed in the street seem to have something interesting going on with their outfit? yes. Have I come back brimming with ideas and thoughts about applying this to my, London, life? But selbstverständlich!
    The style is very relaxed (as is the whole vibe of the city) - I barely saw a single pair of heels the whole time I was there. Neat, precise design features and lots of grey marl cotton rule the fashion stakes - trying too hard, or making very much effort at all doesn't seem to garner respect. Of course these are just my observations from wandering around for 5 days, and I'm sure for Berlin Fashion Week (which starts next week) there will be a lot more effort as is the norm within the fash industry.
  2. The shops and markets
    I say shops AND markets because my favourite day of shopping was in Boxhagener Platz, on Sunday, where there was an amazing flea market, full of the delights of the former GDR (Eastern Germany), with 70s orange everywhere and everything cheap cheapy cheap. Black leather shoulder satchel with loads of pockets and a cool concertina bottom for 8 euros? Funny clear old-lady glasses for 3 euros? A Russian-style real fur hat for 5 euros?(this isn't bad because it's vintage, right? Am feeling slightly awful as a vegetarian anyway!) Basically bargain centrale down there.
    Another bargainous find which I spent ABOUT an hour in was trag flache in papalalle in Prenzlauerberg (where I was staying). Amazing vintage shop with pretty much everything below 10 euros - not a lot of designer pieces, but this was more about the random mishmash of objects and styles the whole shop brought together. (The guy, Eric, who ran the shop was also a real sweetheart and didn't mind getting embroiled in an hour-long conversation with my mum while I was rummaging. Great music in there as well!)
  3. The magazines
    well I probably should say magazine/singular but I like the one I actually bought so much that I had to mention it! it's called 032c and it caught my eye because of's blog raving about its Martin Margiela retrospective article. I haven't finished flicking and devouring yet as is my usual way with real live magazines but everything I have read in it has been fascinating even though I wouldn't normally choose to read an article about the preservation os the Haus der Kunst in Munich and its political significations. In a word - - - I'm a fan.

    I am sure there are going to be more posts up and coming about the various exhibitions I went to and the ideas they inspired in me. Also apologies for the lack of photo material in this post, my camera broke just before I left.
    Fashion in a word?